Lawyers blame cops for security lapse

Sep 08, 2011, 08:04 IST | Dazy Verma

Attorneys say despite warnings, Delhi police haven't installed CCTV cameras inside the court leaving it vulnerable to terror attacks

Shortly after the Delhi High Court was shaken to it foundation by a powerful explosion that killed 11 and injured 75 others, the Delhi Bar Association lashed out at the police for its security lapses and the inadequate measures to protect the people.

The association claimed that the police was delaying the upgrades to the security measures at the court.

Commenting on the lack of security measures, the President of the Delhi Bar Association Rajiv Khosla said, "There are no security measures. The police has installed CCTV cameras and metal detectors only on the boundary wall, but there is nothing else in place to monitor the rest of the premises."

Not only Delhi High Court, but also the district courts including Tees Hazari, Karkardooma, Patiala House have no security at the gates. 

"Anyone is allowed to walk in without a security check. Something as basic as an X-ray machine is not installed at the High Court and the Delhi Police is responsible for this," added Khosla.

And lawyers say this is not the first time that they have raised the issues of lack of security measures in court premises.

On May 25, 2011, a low intensity blast took place in after a bomb was placed in a car in the parking lot of the High Court.

Following the blasts, a proposal had been tabled to install cameras but no action has been taken since then.

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