Diwali is here and the celebrations are on full swing. Celebrities are at their busiest, attending card parties and making pots money. But their are some who haven't played their cards right. CS finds out who's sporting the poker face this year:

This Diwali is going to be all about family-time for me. Since I'm not planning to attend any parties, I look forward to spending quality time with my family in my new home.
Deepika Padukone

I'm heading to a close friend's card party tomorrow. Though I usually don't play cards, this time I'm going to try my luck. After all, you enjoy a party much more when you're staking some money. 
Raima Sen

I am lucky in love and very unlucky at cards! But whoever sits next to me always wins big-time. So I mostly go to friends' places, but never play.
Tisca Chopra

I'm so busy shooting for a show in Delhi that I have no time for cards. But I do have great memories of the card parties that I used to attend with family and friends while I was growing. Delhi is the town for big card games like Teen Patti, but I'm off cards now. I'd rather celebrate Diwali and my birthday (Oct 27) in a more meaningful way with close friends and family.
Ira Dubey

This year I haven't attended any card parties as I've got my own Laxmi at home, my one-month-old daughter, Zara.
Tanaaz Irani

I went for a card party day before and ended up losing a thousand bucks. But the spirit of the festival is more important to me than winning or losing money. Frankly, I don't particularly enjoy cards, and don't even know how to play them.
Ananya Banerjee

I'm planning to attend two card parties this week and am looking forward to making some money. Last year I ended up losing nearly Rs 1 lakh, so I'm hoping to recover the loss this time. 
Satish Kaushik

I'm in Goa these days so I'll definitely end up going to a casino to try my hand at Poker. I'm pretty good at it and usually end up winning. And I never count my winnings. 
Chetan Hansraj

Wish I could gamble my wife away like the Pandavas (laughs). But the fact is that I don't really gamble anymore. I guess, they don't give me a high anymore.
Parmeet Sethi