Lean isn't mean

Oct 05, 2011, 10:48 IST | Avantika Patil

He loves being fit, but refuses to be branded as a 'fitness freak.' He's among the few models around who doesn't stress on brawn. He's more interested in feeling fit. Longtime model-just-turned-actor Ameet Gaur talks to CS about staying healthy:

Shaping up
I have always stressed on total fitness instead of a muscular body. I like a lean look, so I don't have to slog it out too much in the gym. An hour a day works for me. But, I make it a point to keep changing my workout. I'm also a complete sportsman. I like playing volley ball, cricket and soccer. In fact, I am a national level volley ball player. I am a firm believer in fitness outside the gym.

Diet diaries 
I don't diet, but there are a few things that I take care of. I eat every two hours, and incorporate a lot of protein in my diet. I avoid taking carbs in the night. But that doesn't mean that I starve myself or struggle to resist food that tempts me. There is one day in a week when I binge. I'm a huge fan of Burger King so I always have an appetite for their burgers.

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