Learn to weave magic through cinema

French Filmmaker Claire Denis is in the city to conduct workshops on cinema and to interact with the students of the Film and Television Institute of India (FTII).

Throwing light on her way of working, the director, who has helmed films like Friday Night, The Intruder, 35 Shots Of Rum and White Material among others, says, “I shoot my movies fast and then spend more time in editing them. Also, I like to title my movies in a way that the title itself tells the whole story. My stories are often influenced by real life.”

French filmmaker Claire Denis

As far as the Indian film industry is concerned, Claire, who is in India for the first time, feels that filmmaking is more about storytelling. “I liked Pather Panchali. I have also seen some other Indian movies,” she admits.

On the whole, Claire is of the opinion that cinema is not made to give a psychological explanation, but is more about creativity. “For me, cinema is montage and editing. To make blocks of impressions or emotions meet another block of impressions or emotions, and put in between pieces of explanation, to me that’s boring. Our brains are full of literature --my brain is. But I think we also have a dream world, the brain is also full of images and songs, and I think that making films for me is to get rid of explanation.”

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