Leave stunts to the experts

Yesterday, this paper carried a report on a father of a 14-year-old boy asking parents to keep an eye on their children. Sayeed Husain Raza (57), the father was speaking after losing his son, Sayeed Mohsin Raza. Mohsin died after he fell off a train while doing stunts somewhere between Thane and Mumbra. The boy, who celebrated Eid and then went to a mall with his friends, started hanging out from a pole and doing antics in the local train. Witnesses and a video show that he was indulging in reckless acrobatics, hanging outside the nearly empty compartment since it was Eid holiday.

Now, Mohsin’s family which is still in shock, and his father particularly say that parents must talk to their children about the dangers of indulging in such antics, as children do not understand the importance of life at such a young age. While the Railway authorities too try their best, they are stretched because the number of commuters outstrip those who try to maintain law and order at stations and in trains.

Railways, NGOs and other organisations can come together to create awareness campaigns. Celebrities can be roped in to spread the message.

Educationists can do their bit by talking about the perils of this kind of showing off and misplaced ‘fun’.

Most importantly, peers and friends need to stop such behaviour immediately if they are witness to it. Stop encouraging youngsters or egging them on, as there is no bravado or sense of accomplishment to be had from using local trains as playgrounds. Combat this foolishness with a multi-pronged strategy. A message that gets through may be one precious life saved.  

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