Lendl Simmons to face court over photo scandal about intimate affair

Port of Spain: West Indies opening batsman Lendl Simmons, who argued that he had a one-time affair with an account executive, is scheduled to appear in court March 23 in a lawsuit on the dissemination of intimate photographs of the woman.

The woman, Therese Ho, has filed a breach of confidence lawsuit against Simmons alleging that he had disseminated the photos electronically to several of his colleagues, reports CMC.

Lendl SimmonsLendl Simmons. Pic/ Atul Kamble

The matter came up for case management Tuesday and the trial will begin March 23.

Last year June 5, Justice Ronnie Boodoosingh granted Ho an injunction preventing the West Indies and Trinidad and Tobago cricketer from disseminating any further photographs or information about her.

Ho is contending that by disseminating the photographs, Simmons has contravened the tort of breach of confidence which is a common law tort that protects confidential information that is conveyed to another in confidence.

Simmons, on the other hand, is arguing that he never shared a relationship with Ho and that his encounter with her was only a one-time affair, meaning he was not under a duty to owe her any confidentiality.

The 30-year-old Trinidadian is currently a member of the West Indies squad in Australia for the ICC World Cup.

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