Lendly denies coaching Andy Murray for money

Jan 25, 2012, 09:10 IST | Agencies
Ivan Lendl has denied money was behind his surprise decision to coach Andy Murray after fellow great Jim Courier suggested there were "mercenary" reasons for the move, a report said yesterday. The eight-time Grand Slam winner has returned to full-time tennis after playing for the last time in 1994 and has been ever-present in Murray's box during the Australian Open's early rounds.

Briton Andy Murray with his coach Ivan Lendl during practice at Rod
Laver Arena in Melbourne recently. Pic/ Getty Images

According to Britain's Daily Telegraph, Courier told Channel Seven: "There is a reason and it is a little bit more mercenary. He hasn't been allowed to make any money from tennis for the past 15 years because he cashed in disability insurance. That is the reason Ivan is back playing.

There are all sorts of complexities there," But Lendl called Courier's comments "ridiculous", according to the Telegraph. "That's ridiculous," he was quoted as saying. "Jim shouldn't be saying stuff like that. First of all, it's wrong and he doesn't have the proper information. End of story."

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