Leonardo DiCaprio's step-brother arrested

Los Angeles: Leonardo DiCaprio's step brother Adam Farrar and his girlfriend have reportedly been arrested on a series of drug related charges. Farrar, 43, was detained by police in Texas over two Class A Misdemeanors last Friday for possession of a dangerous drug and theft.

Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio. Pic/Santa Banta

He was also charged for harassment by phone, reported Radar Online. Farrar's girlfriend, Charity Moore, was also arrested five days before Farrar. The troubled pair has one six-year-old daughter together and there have been concerns in the DiCaprio family as the wereabouts of the girl, Normadie, is unknown to the family.

"Adam and Charity have been hiding with Normandie in Texas, away from the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Service, who have long been involved in their cases due to their criminal pasts. They had been staying in North Dallas. Now, no-one in the family is sure where their daughter is, at this time," a source told the website.

Farrar has been in legal troubles over the last three years. He has faced charges of harassment, possession of a controlled substance, driving without a license and domestic violence. The website said Farrar and 39-year-old DiCaprio are no longer in touch.

They used to be close earlier as Farrar was often spotted with DiCaprio but they had zero contact in recent times. They grew up together in Los Angeles after DiCaprio's mother Peggy married Farrar's father George when DiCaprio was just one. It was Farrar's TV stints in 'Galactica' that is said to have inspired DiCaprio to become an actor. The actor's representatives were yet to comment on the news.

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