A leopard badly mauled two people, including a pregnant woman, after straying into a densely populated residential neighbourhood in Guwahati yesterday.

Beware! Cat on the prowl. Pic/AFP

Abid Ali, woman's husband, said his wife lost a lot of blood and was unconscious. "The back of her scalp was badly mauled," he said.

The other victim, Moziz Haq, said he also suffered head injuries. "It was a thumping, slap-like feeling and I fell on the ground with blood splattered all over me," Haq said from his hospital bed.

The animal was later tranquilised by forest officials and taken to a city zoo.

It was the third leopard attack in Guwahati this month. In a gruesome incident captured on camera, three people were injured and one killed by a leopard on January 7. Three people were hurt in another attack last week.