Let the best play win

The Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards are back to encourage talent in different aspects of theatre. If theatre is your passion, send in your entries to them soon

Held first in 2006, The Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards (META)are once again called for entries for this year's coveted awards.

Now in its sixth year, META aims at awarding the best of theatre, including all its different aspects - from light design to best actor.

Entries have to be sent in the form of DVDs from which ten best productions will be selected. The ten will then perform in front of a jury and the winners will be announced on the awards night to be held on March 7. The last date for the entries in January 10.

Last year, the event received 240 entries from all over the country. Out of these, The Interview of Akvarious Productions and Le Chayim Productions won the award for the Best Play, Best Stage Design, Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor.

Karan Pandit who won the award for Best Actor in a leading role says, "After the award, the play was taken very seriously and we ended up getting a lot more shows.

These kind of awards help increase the popularity and the visibility of a play. Also, you have something to strive for.But more than a personal gain it is the play that really benefits from an award."

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