Today, a leading publisher has organised the annual One Nation Reading Together, an event where school children across the country will spend 30 minutes reading for fun. Come, join hands and make reading a lovely adventure

If you are a bookworm, you have probably been an avid reader since your school days. However, across India, there are thousands of children who have no access to books and are deprived of the joys of reading. Through an event that celebrates leisurely reading and helps make books accessible to school-going children, Scholastic India has organised the annual event, One Nation Reading Together.

As part of the initiative, today, schoolchildren across India will spend 30 minutesĀ  at school (preferably at 12 noon) reading for fun, and doing other activities that celebrate reading as a pleasurable experience.

The session kicks off with students reciting a reading pledge written specially for the event. This year, the reading pledge has been written by the award-winning author Ranjit Lal. Participating schools will receive a reading kit comprising the reading pledge, a book specially created for this occasion and posters.

Over 6,000 schools across the country have been invited to participate in this event. For every school that participates in the event, a 100 books will be donated to the library of a needy school by Scholastic India. In 2010, the event saw an estimated 850 schools participate and accordingly, 85,000 books had been gifted to children associated with NGOs in different parts of the country.

On: Today, 12 pm onwards
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