Except for some stray voices from certain organisations promising punitive action for couples who indulge in PDA decoded that means Public Display of Affection on Valentine’s Day V-Day is expected to pass off peacefully and actually come up smelling of roses. Contrast this to some years earlier where the moral brigade would threaten all those who dared to celebrate the day of love.

There may be various reasons for an event-free Valentine’s Day. The one that resonates the most is that miscreants have realised that breaking shops and threatening couples is no longer giving them the mileage that they wanted in the media. Media outlets have now wised to the fact that most of these protests have no ideology behind them but are an excuse to get into the public eye. Many have refused to give them the play that they got earlier. The novelty has worn off, people have woken up, and the entrepreneurs riding on the marketing hype, have continued to sell roses and teddy bears, fashion rings, fluffy hearts, mushy cards and all that paraphernalia of love. All those hollering outside, threatening to break glass fronts and put a spear through all the felt hearts on sale, can just go and stuff it. Or so, we think.

Of course, there are some weak attempts to re-brand Valentine’s Day, from taking away the Cupid part of saying that we should celebrate this day as a day to love our parents and whatever. The keepers of morals, those holier than thou defenders of Indian culture, keep trying to chip away at this (gasp, gasp) immoral love and turn the day into higher, purer things. Boy-girl love, which is what Valentine’s means, is a no-no. As for same sex love also love, because love is love cannot even be allowed to enter into our realm of thinking. We are Indians, remember?

This Valentine’s, let us put an end to the hypocrisy that envelopes Valentine’s Day. Let us see it for what it is; a celebration of non-platonic love. Breaking plate glass windows and threatening to march couples to the altar is inane. V-Day, bring it on.