Let the school decide on holidays: Vinod Tawde

Maharashtra education minister Vinod Tawde has brought some clarity to the issue of the number of days that schools should stay shut for Ganesh Chaturti.

While no exact number of days has been mentioned, Tawde has announced that schools can decide on number of holidays with consultation with their Parent-Teachers' Association (PTA).

"Once the school gets a confirmation from their PTA, they can decide on the number of holidays. Schools conducting exams in that period can decide whether exams have to be held or can be postponed," said Tawde.

For the past two years, school education department has left the onus of deciding Ganpati holidays on schools. This followed the first demand made by MNVS eight years ago, demanding a five-day break for Ganesh festival in Thane schools with the trend then moving to Mumbai schools only in the last two years.

As of now, city schools have decided to give either four (September 17-20) or five (September 17-21) days holiday for the same while many were waiting to hear from the government about the same.

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  • abhi09-Sep-2015

    It is totally wrong to give children so many holidays.If that is the case every religion has its own importance so are they going to do the same with all other festival of other religion too,if not then why only give special holidays and so much importance for as i said every other religion too have the same importance,the muslims,the christians.etc.If seen already there is more holidays for DIWALI,ETC.Children are sent to school to study and not to receive more and more holidays.

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