For a couple of days now, this paper has been carrying reports of how corrupt policemen from Nehru Nagar police station were caught accepting bribes in a sting operation. While there is surely more to come in this sensational expose, what is important is that the whistle blower in this operation -- a person called Mohammed Kasim Khan -- received threat calls a few hours after he released photographs of cops surreptitiously stuffing notes inside their pockets on his spy cam.

The callers threatened to bump him off in a staged road accident, or frame him for possession of drugs and illegal weapons in his home. It is clear that Khan has become a target for those seeking to avenge themselves in this bribery scandal. As the cops launch a save-face clean-up operation, one thing is certain -- protecting this whistle blower is all-important. It is time to have a law to protect these brave people. This is long overdue and would be the best tribute one can pay to many who have lost their lives in this country because they dared to speak out against corruption and fraud. 

That law must also include a witness protection programme. While suspensions and other disciplinary action are all par for the course, what is paramount is that Khan is safe, secure and not under any threat. In this way, not only will the cops redeem themselves somewhat; they will also give the public the courage to expose corruption in other streams. At a time when citizens are being urged to fight corruption and point out evils in the system, they should go into it feeling safe. Let the cops prove they ‘Khan’ protect him.