In today's scenario, all Indian citizens, including the Hindus and Muslims in the country, want Narendra Modi as India's next Prime Minister. This is probably because people have  seen his ability to control corruption along with his continuous deeds for the welfare of common man, sans any poll-time dramas with rural India.

Prominent industrialists such as Ratan Tata, the Ambani brothers, Laxmi Mittal and several others, have also rightly appreciated his vision.  People from various industries have indiscriminately admired his administration and strongly believe that he can terminate corruption from India and enhance the country's progress and growth rate.

This is the reason why  the  people of Gujarat voted for him thrice. All these facts should be noted well by all. BJP stalwarts should propose his name as the next candidate for Prime Minster. Otherwise the BJP won't even be able to bag votes  of the youngsters in the country, who constitute a large  part of the voting population.
- Hansraj Bhat

Fasting, the latest fad

Fasting is becoming fashionable in India. After Anna Hazare's successful fast for 12 days, the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi has commenced a three-day fast for communal harmony. With this fast, he is also trying to revamp his brand image, which was tarnished during the 2002 Godhra communal riots. Not to be left behind, the Congress leader in Gujarat, Shankarsinh Vaghela has also gone on fast, 6 km  away from Modi's air-conditioned venue.  I believe this is become a fad among politicians who are aping Annaji's method and trying to garner votes in their favour. I think Indian politics is being reduced to a two-penny farce! It is a sad state of affair and I feel ministers should follow some other agenda to get people to support them.

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