Liam Hemsworth: Chris has always been my best friend

London: Actor Liam Hesmworth says though he and brother Chris Hemsworth always fought and argued as kids, they have also been the best of friends throughout life.

Chris with brother Liam Hemsworth. Pics/Santa Banta
Chris with brother Liam Hemsworth. Pics/Santa Banta

Liam, 26, also revealed that as both he and the "Thor" star are similar in nature they used to indulge in fights during childhood, reported Female First.

"Chris and I have similar personalities; we are both very stubborn. It wasn't until I started high school that we stopped arguing and fighting. But I always looked up to him. He was my best friend," Liam said.

Speaking about rivalry with Chris, who beat him to the role of "Thor" in the Marvel franchise, Liam said, "I know there was a competitive nature between us, but it was always a supportive one. I think it was initially just to not be stuck on our parents' couch years down the track. We successfully got off of that due to the support of one another."

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