Life's journey on canvas

Artist Randhir Khare gives us a glimpse into his life's expeditions though the artworks on display at his latest exhibition

From the inner essence to the outer manifestation, from the world within to the world without and from the simple clarity of lines in monochrome that capture the essential flow of life to the textured robustness of living spaces in colour, the exhibition titled The Journey � A Life In Art, captures artist Randhir Khare's life's journey on canvas.

This is also his journey as a visual artist from exploring the meditative drama of line in black and white to the fecund celebration of forms in colour, from ink to paint, from paper to canvas.

His early paintings are marked by simple lines and sharp graphic representations of natural forms such as stones, leaves, trees, boulders, water, bark and land. As the journey progresses, the drawings in black and sepia become more complex, ultimately taking on heavier forms, until the world of colour is encountered and the work begins to reflect the vibrancy of the world as we know it. The closing canvases celebrate the mystical power of the sea and sky.

A significant part of the exhibition is dedicated to the installations. Cages of varying sizes up to eight feet high dramatically reflect universal themes of human struggle and survival. They provide a sharp contrast to the natural forms of harmony that dominate the spaces of the show.

The artist is also an award-winning poet, writer and teacher who has contributed considerably to the documentation and preservation of traditional cultural forms

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