Life by the walls

In the photo exhibition titled Walls Between People, two authors bring alive the experiences of people who live by the walls

What happens when a wall is erected? Is the wall a mark of protection or does it separate countries? For two years, authors Alexandra Novosseloff and Frank Neisse travelled from Tijuana to Belfast and from Jerusalem to Seoul and Laayoune to fathom the plight of those who live by walls like The Electrified Fence along the Control Line between Pakistan and India and The Separation Wall between Israelis and Palestinians.

Break in the wall? (above & below): Photographs that will be displayed
at the Walls Between People show.

And now you can witness the experiences of both these authors through the photo exhibition titled Walls Between People. This photographical reportage chronicles  six different walls and show their impact in the modern world. 

 Exploring the thin lines between protection and separation as well as resignation and evasion, the photographs show how the wall instead of safeguarding increases the distances between people and countries.
The walls stand as marks of physical and mental separation and question the concept of the 'other' as threatening and harmful. Interspersed with anecdotes of people, who are confined within the walls, these photos promise to bring out the vagueness of globalisation and security.

Where Alliance Fran aise, Vasanthnagar
On till September 17, 11 am onwards
for Free entry
Call 8105675350

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