Lightning kills two in Pune

Two people were killed on Wednesday evening at 6.30 pm due to lightning while they were sheltering themselves from rain under a tree.

The incident took place near council hall near Poona Club. A case of accidental death has been registered with Bund Garden police.

The deceased has been identified as Gautam Laxman Veer (54), a resident of Akrudi while other has been identified as Balyya Mark Pidtalla (63), a resident of Ghorpadi.

Inspector Madan Bahadarpure in-charge of Bund Garden police station said, "On Wednesday, due to heavy rains in city, duo who were on way to home from their workstation, took took shelter under a Tamarind tree. However, due to lighting both of them collapsed. We rushed them to Sassoon General hospital but they were pronounced death by doctors.”

He added, "The deceased Veer worked as attendant at National Institute of Virology (NIV) and Pidtalla was a retired peon who worked in Public Works Department (PWD)."

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