Two school students in Britain were expelled after a gossip campaign on Facebook said the pair had sex in a school storeroom and toilet.

Trevor Evans and his girlfriend were 16 when they were expelled last year from the West Kirby Grammar School in Wirral, the Daily Mail reported. An independent tribunal, however, said the school failed to investigate the claims properly, and that there was not enough evidence against the pair.

Evans, now 17, has denied having sex with his then girlfriend. He said he was consoling her in a toilet cubicle after she became upset. His mother said she received a letter from the head-teacher, and since then she has been fighting to clear her son's name.

"This was a vindictive campaign hatched by some girls at the school who posted malicious rumours about him on Facebook," she said. "The way the school dealt with this was a knee-jerk reaction and the right to education should be supported, not taken away," she said.