In the workshop Kiddies Cookout Volume 1, chef Rohan D'Souza will teach kids the basics of cooking all that they love eating

It won't surprise city-based chef Rohan D'Souza to see a five-year-old distinguish between fusilli and penne pasta. "With so many cookery shows on television, kids nowadays are of aware what they eat," says D' Souza.

He adds that despite being exposed to various kinds of cuisine, children hardly get a chance to try out what they see on TV. And that's what pushed the chef to give an opportunity for kids to cook what they like through the workshop Kiddies Cookout Volume 1.

Open to 20 participants between the ages of eight and 15 years, the workshop will be conducted by D'Souza along with six others. He shares that the menu is kid-friendly and will have minimum usage of fire and sharp cutting objects like a knife.

But that, he clarifies, does not make the session any less knowledgeable. From kneading the dough of the pizza to rolling it, D'Souza assures that children will have a first hand experience.
There will be different food stations and each will have five kids trying out a dish at a time. The participants will be provided with everything from the chef's toque to the ingredients and also be served lunch comprising what they cook.

"Tomorrow when they go to a restaurant and eat a pizza, they will know what it takes to make one," says D'Souza adding that the children will also be taught how to make different types of cheese sauces.
"The kids should have fun and go home satisfied that they can now cook and eat all that they see around them," he says.

Where Pepper Cafe, St Johns Road, Ulsoor
On December 4, 10 am to 12 noon
Call 41130000
For Rs 750