Load-shedding leads to toddler's kidnapping in SoBo

Nov 05, 2011, 08:26 IST | Akela

Cops suspect that beggars in Cuffe Parade kidnapped the girl after she was sleeping outside her house, close to the road, as there was no electricity in their home

A two-year old daughter of a seafood supplier mysteriously disappeared from her Shiv Shastri Nagar residence in Cuffe Parade during the load-shedding period in the area on October 20.

The girl, Jagriti was sleeping between her mother Meenakshi and aunt outside since there was no electricity in their house.

They had gone to sleep at 1.30 am. When Meenakshi suddenly woke up at around 3.30 am, she found that her daughter was missing, according to the cops. (Power supply was erratic in SoBo from October 16 to 20)

Her father Ramesh Patel registered an FIR on the same day at Cuffe Parade police station.

"We are very poor, it's unlikely that someone would kidnap my daughter for ransom. Nor do we have any enmity with anyone. There is no reason to suspect anyone," said Patel.

The cops have formed a special team headed by Sub-Inspector Kishor Pawar to investigate the case. "We are doing our level best. We have conducted raids in the area, but are clueless. There are possibilities that beggars might have stolen the baby," said Sub-Inspector Pawar.

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