31-year-old bodybuilder would take young boys and girls to a public toilet in Kurar, strip, and ask them to touch his private parts and imitate steps from raunchy Bollywood numbers, residents allege

A 31-year-old bodybuilder was arrested from Kurar yesterday after locals nabbed him red-handed while trying to molest an 11-year-old in a community toilet. The locals said that the accused, Maqsood Shaikh, had victimised several young boys and girls before and had become a menace in the area.

In the dock: Maqsood Shaikh had victimised several young boys and
girls and had become a menace in the area, claim residents

Shaikh, a resident of Islamiya Bazaar area in Malad (East), could often be spotted standing naked near his house and making obscene gestures to women and children, the residents alleged. "We had complained about his behaviour, but his victims never came forward," said a local of Kurar Village who helped trap Shaikh and get him arrested.

According to the Kurar police, the locals decided to catch Shaikh red-handed after a few young boys and girls of the neighbourhood complained that Shaikh had taken them to the public toilet, stripped in front of them, and made them touch his private parts.

"He would show them obscene clips on his mobile phone. Some girls complained that he would play the number Ooh la la tu hai meri fantasy from The Dirty Picture and ask the children to imitate the vulgar steps in the song. But the children would get scared and run away from him," a local said on condition of anonymity.

Cops said that on early last morning, Shaikh had lured an 11-year-old by telling her that he would take her on a fun trip. He then took the girl to the neighbourhood public toilet and was about to strip and molest her when the locals, who had been watching his actions closely, barged open the door and nabbed him.

They handed him to the beat marshals who were on patrolling duty in the area. "It has been over a year that Shaikh's misbehaviour has been troubling us. We had warned him a few times but with his hefty frame, he'd threaten people and carry on with his ill habits," said Raj Singh, a resident of Kurar village.

Subhash Dafle, senior police inspector of Kurar police station, said, "Shaikh, a resident of Islamiya Bazaar area in Malad (East) was arrested on Tuesday on the charges of molestation and obscenity in a public place. We will present him before court on Wednesday."