Lok Sabha elections 2014: AAP objects to Election Commission's poll rate card

With the Election Commission (EC) putting a cap of Rs 70 lakh as the poll budget limit for political candidates, the increasing election expenditure has made netas cost-conscious, prompting them to account for every penny spent.

Strategising: Aam Aadmi Party candidate Subhash Ware and his supporters discuss the campaign strategy in their office last afternoon. Pic/Mohan Patil

However, not all politicians agree with the EC’s poll rate card. AAP candidate Subhash Ware has written a letter to Election Commission officials protesting against the rates fixed by the EC for various campaign material and food items, calling it ‘excessive’.

Ware has requested them to fix the election expenditure on how much his party will spend rather than finalising it according to the rate card of the EC.

“The expenses for election campaign are from the donations we have received from citizens. I am not spending a single penny from my pocket. Hence we all are taking utmost care to avoid unnecessary costs. In this case, the rates prescribed by EC seem excessive,” Ware told mid-day.

Along with the letter, Ware attached a comparative rate sheet explaining at what cost they are buying various campaign materials and services and on the contrary how the rates fixed by EC are excessive.

From rates of a cup of tea to expenses of publishing pamphlets and its distribution, the AAP candidate raised his objections. He has taken objection to the printing cost of Rs 3,000 for 1,000 pamphlets claiming the actual cost amounts to only Rs 1,280.

While the EC fixed a rate of Rs 700 to distribute 100 leaflets, AAP claimed that their party workers are doing this work free of cost and hence suggests excluding this expenditure.

Rs 70 lakh
The campaign budget limit for a candidate as prescribed by the Election Commission

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