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Oct 14, 2011, 10:46 IST | Anurupa Dongare
In an informal chat with The Guide, comedian Papa CJ tells us why he took to comedy and what's in store for Puneites at the upcoming performance, this Sunday

When you talk to someone who makes jokes for a living, you should expect to laugh till your stomach hurts.
Comedian Papa CJ often elicits such a reaction. The MBA graduate from Oxford University will be showcasing some rib-tickling comedy this Sunday.

We wonder what made him take up comedy as his career. "Look at the lines from MBA study books and look at the lines for a comedy act. It isn't hard to guess which is more fun," he answers.

"A few days ago a friend gave me a book called The 4-Hour Workweek, I told him why would I want a drab life when I could do what I enjoy?" he adds.

He not just enjoys his comedy, but makes sure the audience enjoys it too. Talking about his first performance in Pune, he says, "It was about three years back and it was one of the most fun weeks of my professional life. I had planed an act for 45 minutes and I ended up being on stage for more than an hour and a half."

We asked him what he has lined up for Puneites this time. "The act will be entirely interactive. I have nothing planned. It isn't fun when your act is a script ko ratta maar ke ulti karo (Learn the lines of a script and vomit it out) kind of an act. The unpredictability of my act is its USP," he says enthusiastically.

For someone who was ranked one of the top ten comedians in the world by NBC in 2008, Papa CJ's humility couldn't go unnoticed, "All of these titles are just meant to be used for brochures, they make for great publicity but at the end of the day for me it is about being a better performer.

I want to pick on people in a way that they enjoy it. They should come back for my shows. People like Jerry Seinfeld and Russell Peters are not known because they're ranked first or 10th, they are known solely on the basis of their acts, and that is exactly what I wish for."

He promises his second act in Pune is also going to be as much fun, but he issues a warning to all those planning to attend.
"My show is going to be completely uncensored, parents should not bring their kids. If they do bring their kids, don't sit next to them as it might be a little awkward."
on October 16, 8 pm onwards

At ISTA Hotel, Ahmed nagar Road.
CALL 09822039090

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