'London, Paris, New York' crew shoot next to 'Batman'

The crew of Goldie Behl's next realised they were shooting adjacent to the sets of the next film in the superhero series

We all have our favourite superhero. But little do we imagine coming close to watching them perform live. However, producer Goldie Behl and his London, Paris, New York crew almost did. 

Aditi Rao and Ali Zafar in their next film

The cast and crew of the film were shooting at Times Square in NYC when they realised that the legendary Batman and the infamous Joker may be just around the corner.

Christopher Nolan was shooting for his The Dark Knight Rises, the third film in the Batman series.

Confirms producer Goldie Behl, "We were on a very tight schedule as we had to travel three countries in 32 days and there was little time to be wasted.

Christopher Nolan

But what we saw was very unexpected. We were shooting outdoors and there was a lot of crowd and security around. We made some inquiries and realised that Nolan was shooting for his next. You can imagine how excited we all were."

So much so that many of the crew members tried everything possible to get a glimpse of the Batman sets.
Adds Goldie, "We almost forgot our shoot that day as we were so excited. But of course, it was of no use. There were tall barricades and so much security that we couldn't have imagined getting in."

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