Look who's cooking!

Spotted at the Gaggan Pop Up dinner at the Four Seasons on Monday night were new parents Imran Khan and wife Avantika, who are personal friends of the superstar chef, who appears to have taken Delhi by storm given the numerous laudatory posts on Twitter and Facebook from those who attended the dinners.

Incidentally, Khan is an enthusiastic foodie and is all slated to try his hand at the griddle along with Gaggan at tonight’s dinner to the delight of fellow diners. In this case, too many cooks will certainly make the broth better!

Imran Khan and Avantika  Gaggan Anand
Imran Khan, Avantika and Gaggan Anand

From Mother to Son
“The Book is number one on Amazon based on pre-order just on Day One,” wrote Delhi-based media maven, Rajdeep Sardesai, over the weekend to his Mumbai-based mother, the noted former professor of Sociology at St Xavier’s College, Nandini, about his soon to be published book ‘Elections 2014’.

Expected to be one more in the tell-all political tomes of recent times, Sardesai, whose career trajectory has been a closely-watched affair ever since he quit CNN-IBN in a high-profile exit, is said to be all set to fill the gap left by Shekhar Gupta’s re-designation at Living Media.

Rajdeep SardesaiNandini SardesaiKaran Thapar
Rajdeep Sardesai, Nandini Sardesai and Karan Thapar. PIC/IBNLIVE

“Following the breakdown of his talks about fronting a four-night news show on News X, he’s probably going to be joining the India Today Group, now that Shekhar Gupta has been given an advisory role. And,
of course, his expertise on TV will come in handy at Headlines Today, the group’s electronic division,” says a source.

“Though where this will leave Rahul Kanwal, current channel head of Headlines Today, is anyone’s guess. Perhaps, one will be given the 9 pm and the other the 10 pm slot, or Kanwal may be shifted to charge of Aaj Tak” Interestingly, if Sardesai does take up pole position at Living Media and Headlines Today, it will be the second time around when he interacts with Karan Thapar, who had left CNN-IBN in favour of HT quite recently.

As for his soon-to-be published tome, “Some of my students have re-ordered it,” replied his delighted mother.

Abs Fab SRK
Perhaps that’s why he is called the ‘Badshah’ of Bollywood. Ever since the latest pictures from SRK’s appearance in Happy New Year, shot by Dabboo Ratnani, have been making the rounds, featuring the star displaying not one or two or six but eight mind-boggling packs of lean muscle on his torso, social networking sites have been agog over his achievement.

Shah Rukh Khan Farah Khan
Shah Rukh Khan and Farah Khan

“At his age (he’s nearly 50), with all his commitments and his bad health to be able to look like this speaks for almost super-human dedication and single-minded determination,” said a fan. Apparently, the star credits his trainer Prashant Sawant for his superb physique.

“Let’s face it; SRK has always looked the best in my films,” crowed the film’s director Farah Khan, when we spoke to her. “I always tell him that none of his male directors can make him look so good,” said the lady, in whose last film, Om Shanti Om, the star had launched the six-pack phenomena to begin with!

Another one bites the dust
If sources are to be believed, one of Mumbai’s most eligible bachelors, heir to a great infrastructure fortune, is finally ready to give up his coveted status and tie the knot.

And what’s most heartening is that, contrary to expectations, the girl he’s chosen is not from the predictable arranged marriage circuit of known families from his parents’ social circle, but someone he’s fallen in love with, much younger than him and most significantly, happens to be from another faith.

And though both parties are equally well-heeled and wealthy, this refreshing move on their part will certainly go a long way in sending out the right message for others: in matters of love and marriage, religion and customs should take a backseat.

“The boy’s family has always been a progressive, liberal and sophisticated one,” says a source, “and the fact that they have embraced his choice with such enthusiasm only underlines this fact!” We like!

The Siva Chronicles
Ever since self-made tycoon and Chairman of the $4 billion Siva Group, C Sivasankaran (in pic), appears to have escaped the long arm of creditors in India by declaring bankruptcy in Seychelles, the top Indian businessmen, who have NRI status, are lauding themselves for their foresight.

Ravi RuiaPradeep DhootC Sivasankaran
Ravi Ruia, Pradeep Dhoot and C Sivasankaran

After all, the flamboyant Siva, said to be a consummate dealmaker has managed to keep his fortunes intact, even though this is his second brush with bankruptcy in a year. “London and Dubai are the preferred places for Indian businessmen to base themselves these days,” says a financial journalist, covering the beat.

“From Ravi Ruia to Pramod Mittal to Pradeep Dhoot all big business houses in India have found it prudent to have one key member of the family based abroad, so that there is a safety net overseas, especially if they are overstrained.” And, of course, the Siva chronicles unfolding in Seychelles, where the businessman is battling to keep his wealth away from creditors, are being closely watched.

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