Look, who's smiling now

The person that created the Smiley Fry? Marketing genius. Not many of us are brave enough to resist the temptation of the deep-fried potato.

Put a smile on it, and it might seem like the gods themselves ordained the indulgence. After all, isn't happiness what we mortals are most after! Imagine the advertising slogan: 'Small price to pay for salvation on a plate'.

The truth is, there's nothing 'innocent' about these mini, smiling monsters, so imagine our surprise when we were told about these silicone trays with smiley moulds. Now, you can make your own smiley ice cubes, pop them into a glass and not have to worry too much about counting calories, or your increasing lack of self-control.

On days you feel like experimenting in the kitchen, you could even use the tray as chocolate or jelly moulds! Sure, evil will seek refuge in other forms, including fries and wedges, and inside cardboard cans. The important thing is that this time around, you'll be the one with the smile on your face. Think of it as divine intervention.

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