Look who turned cops for a day

About 50 BMS students managed the police station with flair, even tackling all the cases that were reported through the day at the station.

Vasai police station

In one case, a woman entered the police station complaining about a boy who had been peeping into her house to make inappropriate facial gestures and remarks. The students accompanied the police to the boy's residence and picked him up.

Vasai police station

The management students took on all the tasks that are usually performed by policemen of different designations, even standing sentinel and guarding the station. They handled the station’s wireless, made entries in the FIR register, responded to RTI queries and also looked into the passport verification procedure

Vasai police station

While they listened attentively to briefs from the policemen, the management students left behind some constructive criticism for the cops themselves. “The technology in the police station needs to be updated.

Vasai police station

The police officers have been working with extremely old versions of software, computers and wireless sets, due to which the pace of work slows down and the stress levels of officers increases," said Sana, one of the students.

Vasai police station

Police Inspector Anil Sandbhor, in charge of Vasai police station, said that the students were enthusiastic and handled the work well. There were three cases that came to the police station including two passport verification cases. "I hope some of these students apply for police jobs in the future."

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