Lost cat walked 2000 miles to reach home

Nov 08, 2011, 14:46 IST | ANI

A cat in Australia who went missing reportedly walked nearly 2000 miles to get back to her old home

Jessie the cat, disappeared from Berry Springs in Northern Australia after her owners, Sheree and her husband Andre, moved from Eyre Peninsula.

"I can't explain it," the Sun quoted Sheree as saying.

"She hates getting into cars, so I think she has walked," she added.

Jessie is believed to have travelled an astonishing 1,900 miles across the country crossing through the deadly desert areas, to her old home in South Australia.

More than a year later she was found hanging around the house, by the new owners Troy and Jenn Humby.

"I took a photo and sent it to Sheree, and she said it was definitely Jessie," Jenn Humby said.

Troy and Jenn Humby are now looking after the cat.

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