Lourdes likes to wear men's cologne: Madonna

"I think it would be good to do a men's fragrance, as well. My daughter thinks so. She wants to wear it. She likes to wear men's cologne -- don't ask me why," Madonna said.

Madonna. Pics/AFP

Having just launched her first perfume, the 'Hung Up' hitmaker says coming up with perfect smell has been a labour of love which spanned several years. "I've been working off and on on various fragrances over the years, and [have been] approached by a lot of companies and have tried to create fragrances.

They were always abandoned projects. "I've always loved perfume; it's always been a big part of my life. But every time I tried to create the scent I was looking for, it never reached the stage where I thought it was good enough or I was told that the ingredients would be impossible to re-create in a mass way." 

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