Love for academics Drew Vice-Chancellor to IIT

Sep 14, 2011, 08:52 IST | Alifiya Khan
Shevgaonkar happy to leave administrative work at UoP, says politics hampering smooth functioning of university
For R K Shevgaonkar, the outgoing vice-chancellor of the University of Pune (UoP), it was the lure of academics that impelled him to join IIT Delhi. Addressing the press for the last time as the vice-chancellor of UoP yesterday, Shevgaonkar said he would leave on Septemeber 20.

Ready for new challenges: R K Shevgaonkar, vice-chancellor of UoP.
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"The post of vice-chancellor of the UoP is essentially administrative and though I learnt a lot while I was here, I couldn't do certain things that I wanted. My interest is in academics and even while I wanted to go out for guest lectures, there were lot of permissions to be sought, which I hadn't anticipated. I am moving on as I want to do more in the field of academics," said Shevgaonkar.

Handing out a list of his achievements at the varsity, a total of 42 points in all, Shevgaonkar said he was largely satisfied with his tenure, except a few points. He said he had focussed on bringing more transparency in the working of the administration, laid emphasis on computerisation to improve output and accountability, and focused on promoting research.

"As a part of this, we started programmes like the integrated MTech-PhD course which is one-of-its-kind industry-supported research programme in the country," he said. He also added his tenure was not without its hitches.

"The biggest issue here is groupism, especially in important bodies like the Senate. I would like to advise them to become less political and discuss issues that are more academic than individual problems," he said.
Shevgaonkar also said a small section of employees at the university were involved in unnecessary politics and maligned the varsity. "It is because of this group that the vast majority that is efficient and works hard also has to suffer," he said.

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