They say you can't buy love but you can certainly try. Sunday MiD DAY helps you get lucky in love by giving you gift options for this Valentine's Day. In our opinion, diamonds can be your best friend and get you a girlfriend, but if your heart is bigger than your pocket, then just settle for this lovey-dovey shopping list

Are you too shy to talk to a girl? Well, all you need to do is buy her a drink and let the coasters do the talking. Inspired by Roy Lichenstein's work, these coasters could teach you a thing or two about how to start up a conversation. And they should be smoother than your Daiquiri and more effective too. I need someone really bad...are you really bad?
Rs 450

You don't need to take a cold shower, just fill this ice tray with water and cool off for a bit. The Love ice tray is made of soft, flexible silicone, is dishwasher safe and contains four large moulds of love and three hearts.
At: All Home Collective outlets
Rs 599

There's no better love story than a perfectly orchestrated filmy Bollywood-style affair. You don't need to run around trees and dance in perfect synchronisation with 25 other dancers, just take some help from the veterans of the film industry. The Bombay Store has introduced a limited edition retro collection that includes this Kishore Kumar tie.
At: All Bombay Store outlets in the city.
Rs 475

Known for its radiant pink colour, the use of 20 to 30 per cent of carefully selected reserve wines makes this Champagne wrapped in a graffiti box special for your beau.
At: Mo t & Chandon
Rs 7,500

Get naughty with boxers from the Girlfriend series.
Rs 699

If you believe that love is all about what's inside then Kamasutra chess boxer shorts are the thing for you. Watch the king and queen get cosy in front of their pawns. Check and mate!
Rs 500

We bet you've always wanted to play strip poker but could never remember the rules to Texas Hold'em. No need to worry, you can play Love Uno. With extra love the game follows the same rules.
Rs 500

This heart pendant bracelet has been trying desperately to stay in fashion. If your well-meaning boyfriend hasn't gifted this to you however, wearing it could be a crime.
At: Fuel, Infiniti 2 Mall , Malad
Rs: 2,000 onwards

Pick on someone your own size. It's just not fair to make an innocent bear use his fuzzy-appeal to do your dirty work like proposing to your girlfriend. If your cuddle quotient is low, you can use this teddy to pop the question, just make sure he isn't hibernating when she says yes.
Rs 730

This cushion won't break your fall when you're falling in love, though we're certain it could scare away people with good taste. It's more about the show-value but you could try sleeping on this customised cushion at the risk of drooling on your better half.
Rs 795

If saying I Love You is just too easy, you can get some help from the guys at Archies who will give you 365 different ways to say it.
At: Archies outlets in the city
Rs 325

The way to a girl's heart is through her stomach. Remember you can't go wrong with chocolate, so express yourself with cupcakes.
At: Neeru Mehra's studio, 9819493595
Rs 50 each

You don't need words to express your love when you have diamonds to do it for you. 
At: Viola Jewels avialable at Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, Westside, Just In Vogue 
Price on request