'Lucky Kabootar' finally gets a release date

Dogged by distributor problems, Karan Raj Kanwar’s much-delayed film 'Lucky Kabootar' will release next week

Produced by Karan Raj Kanwar and Anita Kanwar, the film, 'Lucky Kabootar', was slated to release on December 13 last year. But a few hours before its release, the makers chose to back out and the film did not keep its date with the silver screen. Now it has emerged that the film’s production team blames Ravi Almas of Dhanajay Films for the delay.

Eijaz Khan, director Shammi Chhabra and Kularaj Randhawa on the sets of the film, Lucky Kabootar
Eijaz Khan, director Shammi Chhabra and Kularaj Randhawa on the sets of the film,'Lucky Kabootar'

A source says, “The distribution team did not plan things properly. Due to this, there was a lot of misunderstanding between the production and the creative teams. After a long argument, the distributor and the production team chose to part ways.

This is why the December release was cancelled at the last minute. Later on, the film’s fate was hanging in the balance and no one knew when it would release. We then got word that the issue has been sorted out, but Ravi Almas has been unreachable.”

Karan Raj Kanwar has now joined hands with distributors Amit Jalan, Pritam Jalan and Bharat Shah, and he will be releasing the film next week. Says Anita, “Due to a clash between the presenter and the distributors, we had to cancel the release last year. We have a new set of distributors on board.”

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