Project 11 is a 11-minute short film that will be released for free on 11.11.11. In case you miss it don't worry, the filmmakers plan to release a full length feature film next year called Project 12

Film producer Ranjan Singh is playing the numbers game. Project 11 is an experimental venture that he and filmmaker Vikas Chandra stumbled upon in May.

Ali Ahmed Brohi is a director from Pakistan who collaborated on the film

"While we were planning to make a full-length feature film called Project 12 that would release on 12/ 12/ 2012, we thought why not try something new and test it in the market. That's how the idea of Project 11 came about," says the Bandra-based film promoter.

The short film is a collaborative effort of 11 directors across 11 cities around the world and follows a plot where 11 gamers duel in a video game. They are unaware that someone else is playing with their lives.

On November 11, at precisely 11.11 am, the gamers start dying one by one. Due to the difference in time zones, the first death occurs in Tokyo. The gamers must to race against time to save themselves.

Viewers are only one part of this equation. Having worked on the business end of biggies like PVR and INOX for the last eight years, Singh is on a mission to get the right elements and creative expression with a model that is commercially viable.

Project 11 will be released on and other online platforms. The first online screening will be free after which viewers will have to pay a nominal sum to watch it. The film will also be released in two cuts -- a 20 minute film for television channels to pick up and a 2 minute film for mobile providers to climb on board.

"Short films are not an upcoming market in India but we are hoping to change that through this model. This is an experiment to see if the elements will come together and hopefully make some money for Project 12 to become a reality," explains Singh.

Project 12 will let viewers in on what led them there and even throws in a last minute twist.