Madhuri Dixit back to win more dils

Nov 04, 2011, 08:49 IST | Sheena Thomas

Madhuri Dixit is clearly defying age. At 44, she's got the face of a twenty something and the exuberance of a teenager. And she's also lost oodles of weight to be able to confidently abandon her trademark saris and flaunt her new figure in a short dress. The actor, who has just moved lock, stock and barrel to Mumbai with her family, talks to CS about staying beautiful:

Who: Madhuri Dixit
What: Talks about staying beautiful
Where: At an event

I'm the best
I like to feel wonderful, which is why I believe in taking care of myself. I'm very particular about my skincare and fitness regime. And after marriage, we women just have to be careful. Yes, I've worked hard to lose all this weight, but I haven't yet reached my desired target. But, I'm thrilled to finally be close to achieving it. I've always liked taking challenges of various kinds, and this has just been one of them. I want to be the best in everything I do -- I want to be the best mom, the best wife and the best actor. That's always been my philosophy.

Family first
Having said that, I've never put too much pressure on myself to excel. I enjoy all the roles that I play -- that of a wife, a mother and an actor, and I make time for all these roles. In fact, that's what keeps me happy. When there's chaos all around you, spending time with your family can keep you sane. And I guess your mental and emotional happiness also reflects on your face.

Smile please
Beauty is a subjective matter -- it truly lies in the eyes of the beholder. So I take the compliments that come my way with a pinch of salt. I guess my smile fetches me the maximum of them, but these days, people have also been telling me that I'm glowing! I think there are many pretty actresses around though. But my favourite has always been Madhubala. I think she looked gorgeous in Mughal-e-Azam. I wouldn't say that she had the most perfect features. But there was something about her screen presence that impressed us. We waited for her to flash that million-dollar smile and flutter her eyelashes. I take it as a huge compliment when I'm compared to her, but I don't think that I come anywhere close to her. She was in a league of her own.

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