Popular TV actor, Madirakshi who is currently seen playing the role of Sita in Star Plus’ popular mythological saga, Siya Ke Ram has been receiving accolades for her performance ever since the show has gone on-air.

The upcoming episodes will be showing the iconic war between Ram aka Ashish Sharma and Raavan aka Karthik Jayram.

Madirakshi as Maa Kaali

The show which recently showcased a dream sequence wherein Sita reincarnated into Maa Kaali to kill Raavan for his evil deeds was received well by the audiences. But it turns out that the visual treat was actually a tough challenge for the actress to full fill.

Talking about the same Madirakshi said, “Siya Ke Ram has actually given me a chance to explore myself to the max. The dream sequence showed me as Kaali Maa trying to kill Raavan who will be seen frightened and nervous. Sita for the first time will be seen having fearless, bold & courageous women’s traits. It was a very contrasting role as in real life I have a very calm & composed personality. For this particular scene, I have been practicing the Simhasan commonly also called as the Lion pose which helps me stretch my tongue to the fullest. The make-up artists too for that particular scene made me look very different compared to the humble and unpretentious Sita.”

This is not all the actress who was covered in make-up had to stand throughout the sequence. Not only did she give her inputs to improve the look she also gave personal time to try the look and also work on its improvement.