Chennai: The Madras High Court has said actor Sarathkumar should complete the Tamil film 'Vidiyal' before August 31 this year, failing which he must "furnish security to the suit claim" filed by the producer who has already paid money to him.

An order to this effect was passed by Justice K Ravichandrabaabu recently on a petition filed by Giriguja Films International Limited which said Sarathkumar had entered into an agreement with it in 2009 by receiving Rs 92 lakh.

The company moved the court claiming Sarathkumar had released several films but not completed its movie despite the lapse of five years.

During the earlier hearing in 2013, the actor had agreed to complete the film by December 31, 2014. This time around, the judge made it clear that any plea for further extension of the deadline would be entertained only if he submits security to Giriguja's Sundarraman.

"Sarathkumar and I Pictures are permitted to complete the shooting of 'Vidiyal' on or before August 31, 2015. It is made clear that no further extension of time shall be sought by them. If any further extension is sought for, the same shall be considered only after the two furnish the security to the suit claim," Justice Ravichandrabaabu said.