Maharashtra education department confirms five-day school week for students

Barely a week after the office of the deputy director of education warned schools against flouting RTE rules, which mandates 220 working days at the upper primary level and 200 working days in the primary level, the education department has finally given clear instructions permitting all schools in the state to opt for a five-day working week from the ensuing academic year 2015-2016.

Many schools, worried about being taken to task by the education department were contemplating introducing a change in the school routine.

“Our school functions for five days a week and if we consider all the bank holidays, weekends and state holidays, we have no option but to keep school functional for close to 180 days only. If the department is really insistent on 220 working days, then we have no option but to work six days a week then,” said one of the principals.

However on Wednesday, principal secretary of school education, Nandkumar, stated that schools will only run five-days a week. “The deputy director of education has been informed. Students need to have a two-day weekend for recreational purposes; burdening them with another school day will be unfair,” said Nandkumar.

Following the decision, secondary school sections (Class VI-X) would work from 7 a.m.-12.30 pm, while primary sections (Class I-V) would function from 1-5.30 pm, well within the RTE norms.

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