Maharashtra government asks ministers' staff to use photocopy machines carefully

Nov 08, 2017, 14:26 IST | PTI

The Maharashtra government has asked the staff of its ministers to use the photocopy machines carefully and warned that they would have to pay the repair costs if they were found damaged due to their negligence. The direction has been given in a Government Resolution (GR) issued by the General Administration Department (GAD) on November 6.

Maharashtra govt asks ministers' staff to use photocopy machines carefullyRepresentational Picture

It has asked the staff in the offices of cabinet ministers and ministers of state to use the costly photocopy machines carefully and laid down six guidelines for their use. It has also said that the cost of repair will be recovered from the monthly salaries of the staff, if the machines are found to be broken down due to negligence on their part.

After repeated requests for repairs of the out-of-order machines, the GAD conducted a survey and found that most of these equipment were not being used carefully. Also, left-over eatables, plates and dishes, cups, water glasses, wrappers, tetra-packs were found lying on the machines or near them, the GR said.

"It has been found that often rats enter inside the machines and nibble electrical cables leading to short-circuits," it noted. The GR said strict instructions have been issued to keep the photocopy machines at safe and secure places.

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