Maharashtra govt to conduct inquiry into use of drones in Mumbai

Mumbai: Maharashtra government has decided to conduct an inquiry into the use of drones supplied by private firms in Mumbai.

Ranjeet Patil, Minister of State for Home, said in the Legislative Council that the state government will inquire and table a report on the operation of drones in the city.

"While the city is reeling under the pressure of terrorist threat, drones pose a huge security risk. The government should inquire about drone activities. It should be noted that drones are banned, but they are still being delivered," said Shiv Sena MLC Anil Parab.

"Who has received these drones and for what purpose are they using it should be inquired into," added Parab, who had raised the issue through the point of propriety.

Last year, an unmanned drone was found to have delivered a pizza to a flat in a high-rise at Worli.

Police had written to the pizza outlet to ask if it had taken permission from the police or airport authority to use the drone.

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