The Maharashtra Other Backward Class (OBC) Organisation has opposed reservations for Patel and Maratha communities, citing suggestions from the Mandal commission.

President of Maharashtra OBC organisation Professor Shravan Deore recently met BJP MP Subhash Bhamre, who is the member of OBC MP Forum in this regard and urged him to raise the issue in the Parliament.

Deore said the Maratha community in Maharashtra, Jats from Uttar Pradesh and Haryana and Patel community from Gujarat are demanding to be included in the OBC category, when they already belong to the upper class. "These communities are upper class landlords and rulers as they have been in power since last several years. Hence, almost all commissions including Mandal commission had suggested that these communities should not be given reservation," Deore said.

He added that OBCs have no problem in giving these communities reservation in the 'Kshatriya' category separately without disturbing the existing OBC quota. He further said that M P Sudarshan Nachiappan committee in 2005 had recommended the Parliament to break the cap of 50 per cent for reservations. "If the suggestion of this committee is accepted, all 'Kshatriyas' can be given reservation as well," he said.