Maharashtra police goofs up, transfers dead cop!

Transfers are a part and parcel of a policeman’s life, but in major goof up, the Maharashtra police has transferred one of their dead assistant police inspector (API) Anant Eknath Purnapatre from Akola to Nashik.

The API had died in April 13, 2015, due to heart attack and was attached with the Hivarkhed police station in Akola district.

During the course of routine transfers the Maharashtra’s Director General of police (DGP) office issued several transfer orders on June 3, around 257 assistant police inspectors (API) were transferred in different parts of the city in the state.

“We had written after his death to the DG office in Colaba informing about the death but it seems the confusion prevailed due to two branches one the establishment board and the communication branch,” said Nilesh Khatmode Patil, additional superintendent of police, Akola.

However, police officers were quick to claim that how serious is the DG office regarding transfers this shows that a death person is been transferred.

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