New Delhi: With over 294 deaths in the state due to swine flu in this year alone, Maharashtra has demanded Rs 100 crore from Centre to tackle fast spreading disease.

Deepak Sawant, Maharashtra's Health Minister met J P Nadda, his counterpart at the Centre, along with BJP and Shiv Sena MPs from the state, saying the aid was required to upgrade the infrastructure in the state, especially in rural areas.

Since January, over 294 people have died in the state due to swine flu, of which 56 per cent are women. Around 3,694 patients were affected due to the influenza, of which 2,978 have been cured. 21 patients from other states, who were suffering from swine flu, have also succumbed to the influeza in Mumbai, Sawant said.

"We have asked for 100 ventilators in the states and other equipment to strengthen the health infrastructure in the state.

"The Union Health Minister also urged the state to follow the necessary guidelines as prescribed by the Centre," Sawant told reporters here.

He added that the Centre has given positive indications of opening up a medical college in R N Cooper hospital in Mumbai.