Majority of married couples still find Valentine's Day relevant!

New Delhi: A new survey has revealed that majority of the married couples still find celebrating Valentine’s Day relevant.

The survey, conducted by BharatMatrimony on 6702 respondents, has found that a whopping 84 percent would like to celebrate Valentine''s Day post marriage.

Relationships: Married couples find Valentine's Day relevant
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It was revealed that 57 percent believed that Valentine’s Day should be celebrated as it''s a special day for couples in love and 29 percent thought that it helped strengthen the bond between the married couple.

When the respondents were asked what they thought was the best day to express love to their spouse, 23 percent of them chose Valentine’s Day over wedding anniversary and spouse’s birthday.

Kaushik Tiwari, Head of Marketing at BharatMatrimony, said that the survey reveals that it’s not a day for just college goers and love-struck youngsters but rather a significant day for married people to renew their bonds.

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