Make In India: IIT-Bombay students brings in their tech wares

IIT-Bombay students got their share of the spotlight at Make in India Week, and drew a lot of attention with their showcase developments, such as drones and solar lamps.

Currently the buzzword in startup tech, the IItians presented two types of drones. A large drone, made to look like a bird, was fitted with a camera. The drone, it is hoped, will be well camouflaged in the skies, and will be useful for monitoring. It is proposed to have a flying time of about an hour. There was also another small drone, crash-resistant and shock-proof, can fly for 90 minutes.

The other showcase was a set of solar lamps which are aimed to provide electricity to every child in three states through the Million SD Solar Urja Lamp programme. As of February 2016, the project has benefited over 9 lakh students staying in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan.

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