For eight years, Bandra-based photographer Nikhil Kapur captured memories at weddings. “Everyone, I noticed, was looking for a unique way to capture memories,” says Kapur, who tied up with Next2Future, a Delhi-based 3D printing company and launched Mini Klones last November.

This is how it works.
“A 3D image of the person is created using a scanner, which is then transferred to a software on the computer. Once the image is ready, it is printed layer upon layer. The final product has the feel of sandstone,” says Kapur, adding that the final sculpture is then cleaned with dry airbrushes to reveal a coloured product. 3D printing is a US-based patented technology by 3D Systems. Usually a 660 Pro printer is used for the job.

Nikhil Kapur
Nikhil Kapur

“We recommend five to six-inch clones for kids and eight to 14 for adults,” says Kapur, adding that the equipment is expensive, which escalates the cost to anything between Rs 8,000 to Rs 60,000.

And if you are worried about the accuracy, the detailing is as fine as a Madame Tussaud’s wax statue. “Though, we do get requests to flatten tummies,” Kapur says.

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