UK-based band Cypher16 will be back in town this weekend to give the city a dose of uncategorized new sound

They call themselves an organic rock band and are back in town after a popular debut at the Octoberfest last year. UK-based Cypher16, performed last in town with Italian gothic band Lacuna Coil.
Shortly after, they are on an India tour and touching the Bangalore stage.

The band line-up consists of Jack Doolan on vocals, guitars and synths, Stuart Deards on guitars, Carl Dawkins on the bass and Chris Woollams on drums and percussions.

Though they admit that their influences and favourites currently are the metal bands, Cypher16 isn't one to be bogged down by genre categorization.

"When a band is classified, you almost know what is coming your way even before the show has started.
Though there are people who will go for the show due to this, there are others who might completely avoid certain genres.
It works out to be a disadvantage sometime," says Jack Doolan. "Not categorizing leaves you open to a lot more," he adds.

Talking about the sound of the band at large, Doolan tells us it is one of those things you just have to listen- with a lot of electronic sounds and melody as well.
They are excited about returning to the city and expecting a response as big as what they received the last time around.
"We are hoping for and expecting a great turnout. We will play a few numbers from our latest released EP, The Metaphorical Apocalypse and some old numbers too," says Doolan.

Where Kyra, 100 Feet Road, Indiranagar
On September 23, 8 pm
Call 9986984878
For Rs 200

Fatafat five

Favourite self composition
Lonely Road. Very proud of that one right now.

Favourite band

All time favourite song

Master Puppet by Metallica

First impression of India

It is as far from UK culturally as it can get and I love how different it is.

First impression of Bangalore

It is a lot like Mumbai, organized chaos. We find Bangalore traffic fun.