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Bollywood debutant Sachiin J Joshi seems to have a lot to smile about these days. His upcoming action-spy thriller, Aazaan, is all set to light up the screens this festive season. Up for release tomorrow, Aazaan and Sachiin have already got the audience stirring in anticipation.

Who: Sachiin J Joshi
What: Talks about his upcoming film Aazaan

Power-packed stunts, awe-inspiring action and a reviteing story, Aazaan's 10-minute trailer that was showcased earlier this year at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival got a stupendous response. So if just a glimpse of the film has got everyone talking, we think the film buffs are in for a real action treat. Says Sachiin, "If you want to leave an impression, start with a bang!"

Sachiin reveals that he consciously chose an action film as his first project, because he believes that they make a lasting impression and have a greater fan following on a global platform. The dashing young star talks to CS about his film and his idols:

Man of steel
I play a character named Aazaan Khan, a RAW officer based in Afghanistan in the film. The title of the film isn't just based on the protagonist's name, it has a deeper meaning. Aazaan represents the power and spirit of the common man and what he can achieve in the most difficult of situations. 

That is the whole premise of the film -- my character's journey against overwhelming odds and how he strengthens up to rise up to the challenges he has to face. I set out on a mission to find my brother who is suspected of being a terrorist. Along the way, I realise that there's a greater threat from a powerful group that has set out to destroy the country with biological warfare. Aazaan takes it on himself to stop the anti-social elements from being successful in their evil intentions.

Blue eyed girl
Candice is getting a lot of attention and I'm really happy for her. One of the main reasons why we cast Candice and not an Indian girl was that the script demanded a girl with middle Eastern looks.
She's a supermodel and this is her debut film, but you wouldn't believe that when you see the film because she's a natural on screen. She is drop dead gorgeous and a thorough professional. I'm sure she will be flooded with offers soon.

It takes a lot of determination and talent to step into this industry, especially when you don't have a godfather to look out for you. And so, I definitely admire Shah Rukh Khan and Amitabh Bachchan because they started their careers as outsiders and made it to the top entirely on their own without any insider's help.
I respect them for their determination and I hope I can nurture this quality in me as I am here to stay.



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