Makers of Marathi film 'Katti Batti' face identity crisis

Director Rajendra Pawar’s Marathi film 'Katti Batti' talks about adolescent stage of school kids and sex education. While Nikhil Advani’s film starring Kangna Ranaut and Imran Khan narrates a story of a couple who are in live in relationships.

Makers of Marathi film 'Katti Batti' face identity crisis
Kangna Ranaut in the Bollywood film 'Katti Batti', and Marathi film 'Katti Batti' lead actors Pritam Bhujbalrao and Prajakta Yadav

Rajendra says, “We had approach Akhil Bhartaiya Chitrapat Mahamandal with this title and after checking with Indian Motion Pictures Association ,they gave us no objection certificate for the title as well as publicity material which was released few days ago. I was aware about the fact that Nikhil Advani is making a film and it was titled 'Saali Kutti' initially but later they changed it into 'Katti Batti'. However I have got required permission and I am assuming their won’t be any issue due to same title.”

The filmmaker admits that since the makers of Hindi film have also released first look this week and his film is releasing next week, he too has started promotions. So it has led to a lot of confusion amongst industry and audience.

Rajendra says, “I have been getting lot of calls to check if I am associated with Kangna’s film. We have started promotions though the other film is releasing little later this year , many of my friends told me that if put title and search it shows pictures of Kangna. Therefore if someone wants to find out about my film they will have to search for Marathi film Katti Batti then they will be directly to right sites. It is funny but it is definitely helping my film as people are at least aware of the name 'Katti Batti' and may come to theatre to check which film is releasing this week.”

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